Dial 911 ONLY in an emergency

Monday-Friday 8am - 5 pm (208) 529-1375

After 5pm and Weekends (208) 529-1200
Jail: (208) 529-1315

Dispatch Non-Emergency: (208) 529-1200


605 N Capital Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
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Animal Enforcement

Bonneville County Animal Control is located at the Bonneville County Sheriffs Office: 605 N Capital Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
Ph: (208) 529-1350 ext 1310
Fax: (208) 529-1297

To report complaints or violations phone (208) 529-1200 Bonneville County Dispatch.

Bonneville County Animal Services provides animal control and enforcement for all unincorporated Bonneville County and contracting cities.

Bonneville County Sheriffs Office employs one Animal Control Deputy Between the hours of 7am to 5pm daily excluding holidays that services an area of 1,897 square miles in a variety of terrains with a population around 50,000 in rural Bonneville County.

Bonneville County Animal Control service area includes all unincorporated areas of Bonneville County and contracting cities along with Forest Service and BLM Camp Grounds and Properties.

Bonneville County Animal Control Deputies perform a variety of working level technical duties related to carrying out the daily operations of the animal control program. Enforce State and County Laws pertaining to care and control of animals and responds to citizen complaints involving animals.

Animal Control Deputies respond to the following complaints and requests:

  • Animal Emergency's, injured or trapped animals
  • Animal Cruelty Complaints & Poisoning, see state laws
  • Assist other Agency's, Idaho Fish and Game, Idaho Department of Health, Idaho State Brand Inspectors, Idaho Department of Agriculture, City of Ammon Animal Control, City of Idaho Falls Animal Control and Idaho State Police.
  • Carcass Exposures and Removal
  • Barking Dogs
  • Dog Bites and other Animal Bites
  • Dogs at Large
  • Dogs in Livestock
  • Kennel License Investigations
  • Motorist Assists
  • Poisoned Animals
  • Stray or lost Dogs and Livestock
  • Theft of Animals
  • Wildlife Complaints

Signing complaints about barking dogs or dogs at large

People living in rural Bonneville County and subdivisions can expect to live with some level of noise. Traffic, lawn mowers, neighborhood children, Farm Equipment, barking dogs and other farm animal noises. As a resident of these areas you are expected to tolerate most of these noises within reason with out complaint. However, with barking dogs there is something you can do.

You don't have to listen to the continuous loud and unusual barking and howling from dogs, you may sign a complaint, but before signing a complaint we would recommend the following.

Communicate with the dog owner

First, speak with the owner of the dog or dogs about the problem, neighborly discussions can be helpful, let the dog owner know that you are disturbed by the noise. Sometimes the dog owners are not aware of the problem or that the barking is disturbing the occupants of adjacent premises. Offer suggestions or alternatives that will help reduce the disturbance during the times of the day or night that you are bothered. Allow a couple of days for a remedy by the dog owner.

If you have tried to solve the problem through communication with the dog owner and you or continuing to be disturbed you may elect to have Animal Control speak with the dog owner before signing a complaint.

Signing a Complaint

The first step is to contact Bonneville County Dispatch (208) 529-1200 and advised dispatch that you want to sign a complaint reference a barking dog . Dispatch will assign a case number and dispatch a Animal Control Deputy to your location to take the report and statement is to times and dates of the disturbance, this process may be repeated each day there is a disturbance.

Complaint Form

The complaint form is a uniform Idaho Citation and you will be signing the citation on the line that deputies and officers sign on, all violations of Bonneville County Ordinances pertaining to the keeping of dogs are misdemeanors, you must be willing to testify in front of the courts as to the violations.

After the complaint is signed the Animal Control Deputy will serve the complaint on the dog owner.

The dog owner or defendant has the right of due process and will appear in front of a judge in the District Court of the 7th Judicial District of the State of Idaho, if a plea of guilty is entered by the defendant than a fine will be set by the Judge not exceeding Three Hundred Dollars ($300) or Imprisonment not to exceed six (6) months or both such fine and imprisonment.

If the dog owner or defendant enters a plea of not guilty then a court date is set to hear the case, at this time you will be contacted by the Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorneys Office and will be asked to testify as a witness to the violations in your complaint, there is no cost to you but the time that it takes to hear the case.

Number of dogs allowed:

The maximum number of dogs allowed on any one household or any one premises shall be two dogs of licensing age unless a commercial or non-commercial kennel license is obtained.


License required: Bonneville County requires all dogs three months and older to be licensed and for dogs to wear their license tag on their collar or harness.

License Fee:

Licenses are valid for one year and must be purchased before the first day of January and expires on December 31st.

The fee for licensing all intact dogs shall be six dollars and the fee for all altered dogs shall be four dollars and in case a dog is brought within the County within six months of the end of the licensing year the owner shall pay (1/2) the said amount.

Where can you purchase a Bonneville County license, a license can be purchased at the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter or the Bonneville County Assessors office.

Kennel Licenses:

It shall be unlawful to keep, maintain, harbor or possess upon the premises of any one household or the premises of any one business more than two dogs of licensing age unless the owner or person in charge thereof shall obtained a commercial or non-commercial kennel license.

You can make application for a commercial or non-commercial kennel license at the Bonneville County Assessors Office, fees for a commercial kennel license shall be fifty dollars and fees for a non-commercial kennel license shall be twenty five dollars, these licenses have to be renewed each year before the first day of January.