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getting a drivers license


What do you need to bring?

1.Proof of Idaho residency
Proof of age and identity
3. Social Security Number (for more details, click here)

For drivers manuals and additional information , click here.
Renewals can be done up to one year prior to expiration.

Licensing Hours:8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday
Testing Hours:8:00 am – 4:00 for class D and Motorcycle
 8:00 am – 3:00 for CDL’s

Our least busy times are Tuesday thru Thursday in the mornings.


Vehicle Registrations
254 "E" Street
Idaho Falls, Id 83402
(208) 529-1350 ext 1330
Where to pay drivers license suspension
P.O. Box 34
Boise, Id 83731-0034
(208) 334-8000

Coming Summer 2011:


Idaho driver's licenses and ID cards get a new look and security features


ITD Division of Motor Vehicles


April 2011


Idaho driver's licenses and identification (ID)cards are getting a new look and state-of- the-artsecurity features, all designed to avert counterfeiting and reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud.


The cards will also be produced in a new way. Idaho is changing from an "over-thecounter"system to a "central issuance" system.


Idaho's new driver's licenses & ID cards



The new plastic cards are produced at a secure, central facility and mailed to the customer within about 10 business days. The card is mailed in an unmarked envelope, much the same way credit cards or passports are mailed. 


Applicants leave the county driver licensing office with a temporary card, valid for 30days. This temporary card is printed on special security paper with a black and white digital image.


Current Idaho licenses and ID cards remain valid until it is time to renew.


The new cards incorporate numerous security features, including micro-printing, ghost images and a laser-perforated pattern that reveals the shape of Idaho when held to the light.  




A brochure with more information on security features is posted here.




The temporary document



A temporary driver's license or identification card will be issued to use for identification and driving purposes until the plastic card is mailed within about 10 business days. 


The temporary document contains a photo and all of the information that is contained on the plastic card, including the machine-readable barcode. 


It is printed on security paper, which contains ultra-violet (UV) fibers throughout. These fibers can be easily detected under a UV light source. The paper's reverse side features the Idaho state seal, and is color-washed with thermochromatic ink that temporarily turns white when warmed by the touch.


When the plastic card arrives in the mail, the temporary document should be destroyed. Read more about the temporary document here.






What is changing?


Central Issuance means driver's licenses and identification (ID) cards will be produced at a central, secure location and then mailed to you.  You will receive a temporary license or identification card; the new plastic card will be sent to your mailing address within about 10 days.


When does the Central Issuance process begin?


Two county driver license locations (Ada County and Payette County) will begin the new process in May 2011. The statewide rollout for other locations will happen in summer 2011. 


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More About Central Issuance


Security Features brochure


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