Bonneville County Sheriff's Office

Mission Statement

In cooperation with our Citizens and within our allotted resources, the mission of every Deputy of
the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is to – affirmatively promote,
preserve and provide a feeling of
security, safety, and quality services to our community.
Our commitment to Deputy safety is paramount as we strive to
accomplish our mission
  • Keeping the safety of Deputies and Citizens as our primary goal in any law enforcement action or activity;

  • Providing professional services in an effort to secure the peace, protect property, and deter criminal activity;

  • Legally bring to justice anyone who violates the law;

  • Maintaining a jail facility that provides a humane, constitutional environment, providing for the safety and security of our Deputies, community, and inmates;

  • Contributing to Bonneville County’s reputation as a safe place to live, visit, and play;

  • And, providing other legally mandated services.