Bonneville County Sheriff's Office


The Bonneville County Sheriffs Office Patrol division is the front line of law enforcement for Bonneville County. They are the first responders to emergency situations and the initial report takers and investigators for criminal reports.

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Patrol Deputies are Uniformed Deputies and are assigned to patrol specific areas or beats within the county. These include all unincorporated areas of the county as well as
    • Ammon
    • Iona
    • Ucon
Patrol Deputies are most commonly encountered by the public as their duties include...
  • calls for service
  • making arrests
  • resolving disputes
  • taking crime reports
  • conducting traffic enforcement
  • other crime prevention measures


  • Investgating reports of vandalism

    Investigating Vandalism Reports


  • Investigating vehicle accidents
Vehicle Accident - Emergency

Clearly marked patrol cars
Patrol cars are highly visible, clearly marked cars with red and blue lights and the Bonneville County Sheriffs Office sign on the sides.
Bonneville County uses a wide variety of emergency vehicles to be able to respond to the huge variety of calls in the varied terrain and weather conditions within the county.
Some of these include...
  • Chevrolet Impala
  • Chevrolet Tahoe / both 2 wheel pursuit version and 4-wheel drives
  • Dodge Charger / both marked and unmarked
  • Various unmarked administrative vehicles


sheriff patrol car
Bonneville County Patrol Vehicles are equiped with some of the latest and best technology availible. This allows each Deputy to be safe and more effective.
  • Video Camera systems record traffic stops, pursuits, and are used in evidence collection
  • Radar units can be used in both forward and rearward directions and in moving or stationary modes
  • Radio communications
  • Mobile Data Terminals 

Working together with the community to make Bonneville County a safe place to live, work, and play.

 If you see suspicious activity or witness a crime please report it.

  • Emergency Dial 911 
  • Non emergency / Dispatch (208) 529-1200

Working together we can make a difference